The Camino Way. Quick, Easy and For Fun | 2023

"The Camino Way. Quick, Easy and For Fun" is not just a book, but a gateway to a world of adventure, inspiration, self-discovery and spiritual enrichment. The authors of the book, the adventurous and always smiling family Maxim Behar and Veneta Pisarska, will tell you about their unforgettable adventures on the Camino road - a unique feeling that lasts a lifetime and charges the spirit with energy, faith and creativity.

The Magic of Seychelles Cuisine and Stories from the “Paradise on Earth” | 2023

“The Magic of Seychelles Cuisine and Stories from the “Paradise on Earth” is a book that will inspire you to try something new in the kitchen and take you on a journey to Seychelles with delicious and easy to prepare Seychelles dishes, combined with memorable stories and experiences of the author Maxim Behar. In it, he shares his favorite Seychelles recipes, the beauty of this wonderful island paradise, photos, tips, and memories related to his visits there.

The Morning After | 2020

"The Morning After" is a kind of guide for modern leaders, in which Maxim Behar shares his many years of experience and valuable tips for successful business. The book provides practical guidance on how to be more flexible and adapt more easily to a changing environment.

The Global PR Revolution | 2019

PR is everything and everywhere. Now more than ever, managing social media is a nuanced and dynamic field that requires the sophisticated touch of a trained professional. What was effective ten or even five years ago is no longer relevant. In The Global PR Revolution, public relations expert Maxim Behar shows readers how to master current approaches, create content that meets a client’s needs, and evolve with ever-changing trends.

Generation F | 2013

Generation F tells how and why this is influenced by social media to a huge extent - a place where everyone is a public figure, the exchange of information happens with the speed of light and decisions need to be taken at the spot. Generation F presents the newest trends in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. It includes the opinion of 19 other famous people and a commentary on 50 key topics in the digital world.

Little Book for The Big PR (2020)

So… it is a small book indeed, drafting the great ideas behind our lovely Public Relations business. It gives clear perspective on how PR experts can become more professional, happier and more efficient every day.

Secondary Instinct | 2000

In his first book Maxim Behar talks about the past of Poland and Bulgaria, and about the reforms that occurred (or not) in these two countries. Initially, these were two countries that had very similar starting positions but ultimately followed completely different paths to Europe.